HIIT Workouts – My BackStory!

HIIT Workouts My Backstory

Metabolic Effect (ME) HIIT Workouts – My Back History!

Almost a decade ago now, I trained as one of the UK’s first Indoor Group HIIT fitness instructions with the Metabolic Effect team who’d flown over the form the US to lead this first course.

If you fancy a giggle and can get past my little old 3.2-megapixel camera here is a promo video, I hashed together… back in the day!!

(I cringe when I look at it now, but I was FIT and STRONG!)

My Legacy ME HIIT PROMO VIDEO from back in the day is still on YouTube! PMSL!

For almost a year I run private group classes in the local MK area and was regularly burning fat as a result.

(But then my second daughter came along and juggling the cost of childcare and two babies who didn’t want their mum to leave them with a babysitter) soon meant I gave up this path to return back to my old design technologies skills.

The Certification

They’ve now taken this training course and qualification online if you are interested, you can find out more about the qualifications they provide on their Metabolic Effect website.

Why ME HIIT Workouts?

I loved their ethos and approach to HIIT workouts, which at the time was the new and up-and-coming way to train.

So much so that I still find it annoying to this day when I see someone call a regular free weight or high cardio workout HIIT, because, in my mind, it’s not.

Buy the Book on Amazon

So much about our bodies make sense when you read this book, how we react and adapt to light, sleep, seasons, and what happens when we eat food and the different types of food and how our bodies choose to store it as fat/fuel as well as what to select for energy sources etc,

Their ethos appealed to me, which is why when I learnt of the Keto Diet approach, I discovered lots of overlapping similarities with regards to nutrition that I also felt a connection to this lifestyle diet approach.

You can buy their book on Amazon.

Time to Get Myself Fat Burning Again!

As part of my summer 2019 kick up the butt, to get my health and fitness back on track, I’m putting myself through all my training again to refresh my memory and at some point, I need to find and dig out my certificate.

However, I won’t be teaching any more group classes (never say never right) instead I will be applying my knowledge on myself and perhaps once I’m “fit” again I might film the odd YouTube video! Watch this space!

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