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Why I Used Keto Fitness Club

Due to the horror stories that the press like to cover, I deliberated for 8 months about “Going Keto”. I loved the ethos, but with the press giving it a bad name, I kept wondering… “Am I doing the right thing?”

So when I finally decided to go for it, combined with my passion for running and wanting to get fit again, I hired a Personal Trainer who has followed the Keto Diet Lifestyle for himself and family for a number of years.

“Going Keto”

However, I had nothing to worry about.

Like any new regime, if you suddenly shock your body into doing something it’s never done before, it will need a period of time to adapt, then it becomes your new normal.

Just having a few initial chats with Mark Bereton, in the earlier days of this new diet regime was all I needed. That security blanket of having someone to check-in with when I’ve a question or two was all I needed.

Why I am Supporting Keto Fitness Club

Due to the fabulous support they provided me, I am more than happy to support Mark Bereton & his Keto Fitness Club business, by publishing this blog and post about his online Keto Club Membership.

For just £6.99 a month, you’ve the ability to seek helpful advice and go “Keto” safely.

Please follow this link to learn more.

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