Lumsdale WaterFalls & Watermill Ruins (Peak District)


How to find the Waterfalls of Lumsdale and Ruins of an Old Watermill.

These waterfalls were something that I stumbled upon via other people’s blogs in the area we were staying during May half-term 2019.

If you google the “Lumsdale Waterfalls Peak District” you can find the same sort of articles and photos as I did.

Parking is Free

There is no official place to park, but I would suggest you aim for the Upper Lumsdale Drive as this narrow country lane/road offers multiple opportunities to park by the side of the road.

Simply open your car window and when the sound of the falls is at its strongest, park up.

(I think we managed to park near some old buildings that had been converted into offices and I remember seeing a sign for a printing company) if that helps?

Follow the Noise to Find the Path!

As we left the car, we only had to follow the country lane a very short way before we found a style that led us to the bottom of the falls and the start of the runs and surrounding buildings that formed part of the Watermill back in days gone by.

Once you find the path, it’s easy, its easy to follow as it winds itself up the side of the hill/cliff following the path of the falls.

There are many stunning photo opportunities on the route, and I gained some awesome wild images for my mobile game app that I am developing (more on that another time!


As you hike the waterfalls and path weaving through the ruins, you could easily think you are in the back of some ancient jungle/rainforest, but as you reach the summit of the falls, it opens out into a large man-made pond with farm houses surrounding it.


As you start the falls and again at the top, there are some signs about that explain the area, it’s history and about the Watermill and you can also extend your walk along the country lane until you find the path alongside the steam that feeds the falls and pond.

Up/Out & Back

We took a picnic and ate by the pond which was scenic enough and once we had had our fill of adventures, we simply followed the path we came up, back down all the way back to where we’d parked the car.

Not a Penny Was Spent!

The kids (and Golden Retriever puppy) that were with us had a fantastic time, exploring and playing their own version of Pooh Sticks, racing to see who could get theirs to fall over the waterfall edge first.

Without even the need to pay for parking or any ice-cream vans in sight, this was a delightful treasure of a walk to behold.

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