Mam Tor (Peak District)

Mam Tor Peak District

National Trust Official Website

Follow this link to learn about this walk. It’s exactly what we did.


We parked on the country lane, roadside (which was packed) down by the step’s that lead up to the Treak Cliff Caven (which we didn’t do, but looks amazing).

This made parking free (but do watch out some sections have yellow lines and we read before we went that they will ticket you due to emergency vehicle access as the lane is narrow).

Treak Cliff Cavern

From the country lane, follow the steps up to the cavern entrance. There are some toilets there that you can use, and a small tuck and gift shop for the museum and tour.

As you exit the vicinity watch for the sign, that literally says turn right directly pass the back of the museum building entrance.

Before Mam Tor, Hill Next Door.

We then followed the trodden path in the same way as those in front of us on this hot Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Over some fields and then we reached a small road, where there was a cafe, toilets and an ice-cream van.

Once we reached this point, we think this is where we should have started the trail, but as you will read later, it all worked to our advantage parking where we did!

Finding the Paved Path Up Mam Tor

With the hill we had just crossed behind us, we turned left and walked about 50 yards, before passing through a sty that allowed us to walk up a small way to join “the official path” up Mam Tor.

Paved Path Up Monuments and Symbols

I think due to the popularity of this walk the National Trust have at some point in the past, paved the entire path up, which makes navigating to the top a diddle as you just follow it.

As you go, we encouraged our kids to search for the little iron carvings they have embedded in the path as you go, these symbols had meaning to do with the people who worked these caves and area over times gone by.

(I’m sure there would be information about them in the museum or online somewhere should you want to add a little history and culture to your trek).


When we visited the weather was hot with lots of upward air currents and so the sky was filled with paragliders just floating about above us.

Out & Back or do you Go Circular?

From the summit, you command amazing views of the valley below, Castleton and the mine in the distance.

You can also see the path that feeds back in a circular walk to the lane where we parked the car. So, this is the route we decided to take.


We followed the paved path down (on the opposite side we had ascended Mam Tor from) until we reached the wooden gate/style.

At which point the path turned into a narrow foot path that has formed from hundreds of hikers wanting to return to their cars in the same way we did. So you leave the paved path behind.

We found this perfectly safe, but do be warned, you are on the side of Mam Tor and walking across the gradient with up the hill on your right and down the hill on your left.

It did have some steep sections which were a bit “interesting” when you met people walking the opposite way towards you.

If you follow this path all the way it brings you back to the lane where we parked our car, so worked in our favour completely.

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