Milton Keynes to Leighton Buzzard via the Grand Union Canal Tow Path

Milton Keynes to Leighton Buzzard via the Grand Union Canal


So, I’ve lived in Milton Keynes on and off for around 9 years now and have always loved the idea of the Canal and walking it.

Out of nowhere, in May 2018 I decided to just do so!

I had no idea how long it will take or if it was possible, but heading out of my home in Downhead Park, I knew the first part of the walk, as I’ve run along the two paths.

But only so far!


Physically… none. I’ve always been strong at walking/hiking and so I dug out my boots, donned my water bladder backpack and started putting one foot in front of another!

Maps… before I departed on this, I did however look to see how long it would take as I Mapped My Walk first and predicted about 5 hours.

My aim was to walk along the canal as far as Leighton Buzzard before doing a quick hike through town to reach the train station to then come back one stop to CMK.


It was a glorious day, I had a fabulous stroll as I went, no fast pace. Just following the tow path.

Tow Path

The great thing about the canal is that it always has a fab towpath the entire length.

So I just had to follow it (and find it) at points. As I crossed over the bridges, zigzagging my 14 od miles from MK to LB.

Running It!

This is my next goal, before the summer of 2019 is over.

The distance is just a little more than a half marathon, or I can sweet talk my other half into picking me up at Tesco’s in LB as the path runs right next to it! Stay tuned!

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