Week #1 – Going Keto (The Start of My Lifestyle Journey)

Day 1: Saturday 1st June: Getting Started

Long time coming

So, this has for me been a long time coming. I started to investigate the Keto way of life over 6 months ago, but I found myself in hospital the first week of December 2019 due to a stomach problem, which knocked the wind out of my sails (literally and metaphorically). Then what with Christmas, New Year, School Holidays, the first overseas a holiday I’ve taken my girls on and 101 other reasons, my stars didn’t seem to align. Never was the right time to start!

Love handles

Since I was in hospital I have fallen out of love with running and so 6 months later, with no exercise and increased hours in my part-time employed job the “love handles” were getting out of control. I’ve never paid any attention to my weight and what the scales say. I’ve always gone by how I feel and even at my fittest (in life before kids) the BMI readings at the doctors always said I was borderline “fat”. So, when I found my belt notches had increased by 5! I knew it was time to take action.

Keto & running PT

Having had many-a-chat with a Personal Trainer who specialises in both running and the Keto way of life, I decided to take the plunge and book in my first appointment with him. So, on this day, I visited his home, had a big old chat about food and recipes and so I took the first step of my Keto lifestyle.

My first run in 6 months!

Well, let’s put it this way, I was wearing the gear and looked the part, but I’m not sure if I would call it a “run” as such. I did a little 3.2-mile route that I liked to do regularly before I was ill last year and didn’t even make it half a mile in before I had to walk. I pretty much run until I couldn’t and walked again until I could run once more, the entire way around my route! But the only way from rock bottom is up – right!

Day 2: Sunday 2nd June: Keto Flu?

Was it Keto Flu?

At the time of writing this blog entry, it’s too early to say if what I felt 24 hours in to this lifestyle was truly the so-called “Keto Flu”, but I felt incredibly lethargic, zapped of all energy and was in bed that night soon after my girls at around 8:30 pm!! yes – you read that right!

Jumpy leg (right calf) syndrome

The morning had started the same as normal and I thought we’d pop out as a family to an Outlet Shopping Mall I’d been told about (as I wanted to get a few named brand items on the cheap (as you do).

We arrived early afternoon but within an hour or so I started to feel tired and ratty. Nothing to serious, just a good nap was all I needed I felt that sleepy.

But when we got back to the car to travel home, from the moment I sat down my right calf was on max jumpy mode. No matter what position I sat in, weather I tried to stretch it or ignore it, my leg just wanted to jump. The only other time I have ever experienced this was in my second pregnancy. It was uncomfortable, to say the least. But once I was home and moving about again it disappeared as fast as it had come on!

Keto Flu – was this it?

I had been warned by my Keto PT that the first week will throw some challenges to me, with regards to my energy levels, which given that I’ve lived the way I have (on carbs etc) for the past 42 years, it can be expected.

To happen so quickly into my lifestyle change, was a bit of a shock, I was expecting my body to “complain” after about 3 days, and I’ve no idea at this moment in time, if the jumpy-leg sensation was a part of it or not. At the moment my hunch is that it was, but only time will tell.

Day 3: Monday 3rd June: Back to Work!


So last week it was the kid’s half-term and so we’d been away with some friends for a week of fun and frolics in the Peak District (see my blog articles on Hiking with Kids). So, I’d had a nice break from work, which is why I also thought starting this Keto way of life would be good timing upon my return.
So today was back-to-reality.

Coffee – I live on it!

My biggest challenge at work, sitting at my desk is Coffee! If you’d asked me (in life before kid’s – 10 years ago) if I drank coffee, I’d have laughed at you! Never touched the stuff, but if I am being truly honest with you (and of course myself) one of my bad habits is that I literally lie on the stuff.

15+ cups a day!

In 2018… I’d probably say I’d get through a good 15+ mugs of coffee a day. Now when saying this I’ll be honest and say for a good few years I’ve known I drink too much of it and so did cut out the sugar yonks ago. And in the Autumn of 2018, I knew I needed to cut back so I limited myself to no more than 3 mugs a day whilst at my employed work (I’m a girl with fingers in many pies – check out my blog to learn more/why). So, with this in mind… I’ve made sure that I avoided the fabulously tasty hot chocolate vending machine and strictly controlled my coffee intake to just 3 mugs! Since being home, I’ve had just one more. Instead, turning my drinking habits to Squash!

One-change at a time approach (Rome was not built in a day)

If you are reading this blog, then I need to point out, what I post here is my personal account of my journey into the Keto way of life. My view is that Rome wasn’t built in a day and what I am going to be doing in this first month may not be 100% on-point for the Keto way of life. However, I know myself and a T-total approach will be something I won’t be able to stick with long as I will give up. So instead I’m trying to break myself in one-change at a time.

Bullet Coffee, Squash and Keto

Ok, so “Summer Fruits Squash” is not necessarily good for the Keto way of life, but given the gallons of Coffee, I drink in a day, switching out to Squash, for now at least means more “water” intake and less caffeine. I’ll eventually (hope) to change Squash to Plain Water!

Day 4: Tuesday 4th June: Still Going Strong

Coconut and Chia Seed Mousse

Ok, so today I started out eating the Coconut and Chia Seed Mousse that I had prepared and have to say, it might do what it says for my body, but for my spirit and soul, it was found lacking. I just don’t like the texture, but then it’s food, so I will eat what I have made whilst I investigate what other little pot of breakfast good-y-ness I can discover and make instead.

Coconut Chia Mousse

Coffee… Only Two Mugs!

So I’ve done much better in this department also. Definitely cutting down, in due course, I will convert to caffeine free and black. But not this week! LOL

My 3.2 Mile Run – 9 Minutes Faster!

My first run with my amazing Keto PT Running Trainer. I took him on the same 3.2-mile run that I did on Saturday, but with him with me, I run it 9 minutes faster. It wasn’t easy at all the last 1/3. My legs felt like led again and I was zapped of all oomph. The mind was willing the body failing. The result of this could be a few factors. Firstly, I’m probably not converted yet from Carb dependant to Fat dependant as a source of internal fuel yet, as I’m only on day 4 and although I’ve tried my hardest, there has been the odd imperfection on my diet so far as I learn what’s what. Secondly, I’m just unfit and overweight compared to life and what I would call my normal. So, all three things combined, I’m at least feeling better about myself then I did before!

Dinner Result! Keto Lemon Pepper Chicken

So, whilst I sat eating my Coconut Chia Mousse and telling myself it was “lovely”, I decided to Google Keto recipes (cos that is what you do when you’re in the office at work – right!). Found this amazing recipe called Keto Lemon Pepper Chicken. So, between finishing my run, I just managed to nip to the shops to grab ingredients before getting my girls from school. This is my dinner! It was a massive chicken breast; I didn’t eat it all so now I have “leftovers” for lunch/snack tomorrow. Will so be cooking this again. 5/5 for my first effort. Not enjoyed a meal so much in ages!

Keto Lemon Pepper Chicken

Day 5: Wednesday 5th June: Food Discovery Day

New Recipes

So today I did two different types of batch cooking.

The first was for my dinner, a Meetball and Zucinni/Courgette Noodles meal, where I had so many meatballs left over I made 4 more portions which I froze and have lunch for tomorrow as well.

I also batch cooked a whole load of breakfast muffins, except I had no muffin cases so made them as cupcakes and ate 2 instead lol.

Both went down a treat.


I had just two cups at work and that is it, which is amazing compared to a week ago.

Energy levels

I’ve been feeling more energised during the day, I also feel more comfortable in myself and my clothes, without that constant stuffed full at dinner feeling. (Which until it had gone, I didn’t really know I had!).

Day 6: Thursday 6th June: Going Keto

Learning Curve

So a few things have happened today, but mainly I’ve been getting my head into the Keto science behind how it works, why, what all the advice I am reading means and I’m starting to now only do as I’m told but understand the why that lives behind the instructions.

Protein Powder

So over the years I’ve been off and on with fitness (especially since becoming a mum) and so when I have been “on” I have always used Relex Protein. So, when I discovered it’s best to opt for grass-fed meats and animal products, I was thrilled to learn Reflex do the same. 3 days later my 900gs of Vanilla Whey Protein arrived! It tastes good and so I mixed it with Alpro Unsweetened Almond milk.

Bloated Tummy

So, this morning I woke with a tummy that made me look 6 months pregnant, despite not feeling uncomfortable. It got a little worse as the morning went on. Having it talked it through with my Keto PT Running Trainer, it might be the sweetner I put in the breakfast cupcakes yesterday. So, I’m going to leave these alone for a couple of days and they eat them to see if this happens again, if so… I’ll try a different brand of sweetner.

Reflex Protein

1st Attempt: 60 Minute Run Out and Back

I also did a 60-minute run today. Well as you can see it was a bit shorter than that. I got to about 27 minutes out and turned around as I was worried I would take too long to get back and had my girls to collect from school. I also got a wee bit confused with the footpaths around the new Marina at Campbell Park. But now I’ve done it once, I’m familiar with the path/route. I will be running it again on Sunday. I’ve now a good benchmark to work against and I will be child-free, so that means I need not fear how long it takes for me to return! Watch this space.

Day 7: Friday 7th June: First week done!

An Apple Mistake!

Ok, so in the week when shopping I thought I’d treat myself to some expensive Pink Lady apples. These have always been my favourite! What I didn’t realise is that apples are high in their own sugars and carbs, so are not a good choice when following a Keto lifestyle. So I started to read up about them, most blogs say if you are strictly staying in the correct Ketosis zone, avoid the full stop. A couple of other people say they have a very odd one now and again as they do contain other nutritional benefits. But for now, they’re gone until I know what I am doing!

Fizzy Drinks (Or Should I say Diet Coke)

I am actually feeling quite proud of myself, for I can safely say, I’ve not drunk any fizzy drink (Diet Coke Cola has been my drink for years) for an entire week. Without any form of exaggeration, I can safely say I cannot remember another time when this occurred. Two new years ago I heavily reduced it for the month of January, but I’m been back at my old ways for years since then. I’d have a 2-litre bottle next to my desk and as I sat quietly doing my work, I’d take a swig and put it back. Easily going through one, if not more in a day. If I am honest, I’ve not even noticed that I have not drunk it, which has been a real surprise!


I’ve read up and been warned that as my body adapts, that it will play havoc with my sleep pattern. Last night, I woke up after about 2 hours and no matter what I did, I could not get back to sleep. I hope it doesn’t last long!

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