Week #2 – Understanding a Keto Lifestyle

Going Keto Week 2 Understanding a Keto Lifestyle

Saturday 8th June: All about exercise!

My 2nd Attempt: 30 Min Out & Back

Ok, So, today I thought I’d give it another try! I had had a 48-hour rest from running and did no exercise whatsoever yesterday. So, trying to stick with my 4 runs a week plan of attack, I strapped on my trainers and went for it! Except within a few hundred yards of leaving my front door, my legs (especially the large muscles) were dead. They complained in the same way that your legs do when you’ve done a 5-hour marathon or what not. I’d only gone a few hundred yards, At first I tried to persevere telling myself it is because I’m not used to it (as in it’s only been a week back) and that the first 20 minutes are always tough and after that I’ll find my rhythm, like hell did I. I just ached all the way out and all the way back, so much so that my walking became more than the running the closer I got to home. Still my positive takeaway from this… I still did an hour’s exercise, I still run as best I was able so this will harden my muscles to it soon enough. However, I might give yoga ago tomorrow instead of my planned run!

My Post-Run Smoothie: Berry Delight!

So, I created my own smoothie today, it’s not actually a rocket-science recipe but given that I thought of it, and didn’t get it out of a book, to me it’s mine. (I’m guessing people have been making this for years LOL!)

I’ve converted to Unsweetened Almond Milk and used the normal 150ml of this with 3 scoops of my Reflex Whey Vanilla Protein, and was about to drink it when a little voice in my head said Berries are good on the keto diet. Knowing I had some mixed frozen summer berries in the freezer, I threw in a large handful! It was like candy, and when you are hot and flustered after a terrible run, this ice-cold drink was just right.

(I also drank the electrolyte drink my trainer recommends earlier this morning).

The NSPCC MK Half Marathon: 16 weeks to go!

The NSPCC MK Half Marathon takes place 16 weeks today on Saturday 28th September and I’m on the fence about doing it, but after today not so sure.

The reasons for… I love the goal. It focuses me and gives me a reason to get out and run. And as I am still running poorly and not in my enjoyable way due to being unfit, this is motivating me to stay true to the Keto diet!

The reasons against… the time commitment. I need to put a serious training routine together and smack bang in the middle of then and now, is the 6 weeks school holidays, which will totally screw me up with my chance to get out and run as it is.

Sunday 9th June: More Exercise!

Better Run Today!

Despite how awful I felt in my muscles yesterday, I still went for a run today. I’m trying hard to stick to my four runs a week training until the end of July when the kids break up from school for the summer!

So, I run for 2.5 miles when Strava kindly informed me I had done this in 30min: 34 seconds! I felt good compared to just 24 hours before. I’m still unfit so walking and running.

The return however did go downhill, I walked the last half mile at least!

But still I felt better all-round compared to the day before!

Monday 10th June: Feeling Blu!

Keto Flu – Still?

Despite now being day 10 of this diet! I think in some respects my legs/muscles are still adapting. I was reading up on the keto flu symptoms again today and one of them is muscle weakness! This would definitely explain how I felt on Saturday!


I was having a rest from running today, so did a little 20-minute Yoga routine on Youtube. I discovered Boho Beautiful a few years ago. Amazing couple who sold everything to go travelling. Juliana is the yoga queen and Mark (her husband) does the videos, films and edits. Always amazing locations and the workout are of all types! This is the video I did today! Some moves were too advance for me, but it got things stretched out all the same!

Calculating Macros!

So I visited: https://keto-calculator.ankerl.com/ and calculated my current goals. A lot of this is guessing as I’ve truly no clue what I weigh. I might just have to go find a Boots scales sometime this week!

Fat Loss Calculations 10 June 2019
Personal Results 10 June 2019
Weight Loss Forecast 10 June 2019
Energy Expenditure 10 June 2019
Body Fat 10 June 2019

Tuesday 11th June: It’s just not happening!

Running With Mark!

I hit the wall at around 40 minutes in.

I still knocked about 10 minutes of the same 2.5-mile route we did before.

But Strava didn’t start recording properly and all in all, I’m just frustrated with myself. I want to go, but simply can’t! I’ve read on some sites that it can take months to fully fat adapted.

However, the more I exercise, the more in-demand I put my body under for fuel. Then the more it has to learn – in theory?

Wednesday 12th June: Positive Mind over Matter!

Taste Buds

Ok, so one o the most amazing things I have experienced in just 12 days is how amazing food tastes! Seriously. I bite into a tomato and it’s sweet like sugar! Of course, it’s not but I think my taste buds are changing daily. For example. I made a Keto cheesecake with a Laxseed base instead of a biscuit. When I first tasted it, it felt seriously lacking in sweetness. I didn’t like the seed base. Two days on and I’ve completely U-turned my thoughts. Think its brilliant! (Also freezes well).

Fasting & 16:8 rule

So, it turns out, I kind of lived by this rule in life before Keto any way.

My life routine is eating dinner with my girls circa 5/6pm. and then eating a breakfast lunch around 9/10am. So, I’m all good.

Thursday 13th June: Fasting!

Dooh! I forgot my lunch!

So today, my fasting went 21 hours as I left my lunch all nicely prepared at home. But about 19 to 20 hours I was hungry, so I know 18 hours is doable for me comfortably!

Running – Resting!

I have not run since Tuesday. Bit of a mental block about how much my legs feel like death as soon as I hit the wall, and this “summer” weather that feels like February is not helping spur me on at all!

“healthy” Sugar Free etc health Food Shop Biscuits

In simple terms… just don’t.

In the past 24 hours, I’ve bought two brands. One not cheap. Turns out that the per biscuit net carb means I will be eating a quarter of my carb intake practically in one biscuit, despite them being sugar-free and healthy.

I’m not even going to investigate any others!

Friday 14th June: Two Weeks!

I made it Two Weeks!

For those who are reading this and don’t know me…. two weeks on a diet approach is amazing for me. I’ve never really attempted diets as I do like my food, and so to actually achieve this, makes me super proud of myself.

Netflix Documentary: The Magic Pill

Watch here: https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80238655

OMG! I wish I had discovered this documentary 8 months ago. One of the biggest problems I think many people experience when taking on a lifestyle change like this is that they don’t know the “bigger” picture at the time of making the decision. Is it good, bad, right for them? Etc..

This answered so many of my internal questions, even those that I had not realised I was asking myself. A must for anyone thinking about Keto or wanting to learn/understand more about this lifestyle approach.

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