Week #3 – Monitoring My Stats

Keto Week 3 Monitoring My Stats

Saturday 15th June: Targets!

Setting a Personal Exercise Goal – Target!

So I spent most of today, eating leftover Keto food from the week and making a plan to focus myself on. So I have set myself the Goal of the MK Winter Half Marathon and so then blogged about it.

I’ll buy my entrance on payday at the end of the month so I can’t back out.

This then enthused me to “research” half-marathon training plans and before I knew it, I had worked out a life between now and mid-December. Feeling focused in mind, but not yet in the body!

Sunday 16th June: Fathers Day

Running Will-Power!

So as my girl’s dad wanted to spend some quality time with the girls, I found myself free to go for a run! But I felt really dis-heartened. I’m still struggling with really heavy/dead leg feeling. I thought it would have sub-sided by now and at one point thought I’d got past it, but no.

The problem is that it’s zapping my willpower to attempt to run. The new lifestyle approach to diet is going well.

So, I’m not going to run for an entire week, instead, I’m going to mix things up and take my mind off it. I’m digging out my bike and going to do some epic bike rides instead.

Roast Dinner!

So today I cooked my first roast, which was the same as normal, except I roasted the veg in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and didn’t eat potatoes or Yorkshire puddings.

Forbidden Food – Controlled!

I did have a sneaky bit of Chocolate Gateau in the evening. I have no idea what or why I did. I didn’t really even fancy it, didn’t particularly find it overwhelmingly amazing. But I do have a theory… it’s about the forbidden fruit concept.

I saw on one of my close nutritionist friends Facebook page, a quote that said, denying yourself only makes you want it more. It’s an uncontrollable problem. But allowing yourself to have the odd bit, makes it a controlled decision (one that you shouldn’t repeat often but instead removes the desire for the untouchable!)

So one small slice of Choc Gateau later and my mind is at rest, will-power reset and if anything made me realise I wouldn’t have really noticed not having it. So (hopefully) it will be some time before I am tempted again.

As for its impact on my “keto” approach. I’m not sure just how much sugar or carbs etc were in it but as its the only “carb” loaded thing I’ve eaten in two-weeks, I’m expecting the impact to be small and to be back on Keto within 48 hours of it leaving my system.

Monday 17th June: Learning

More Learning

Over the weekend I literally dug out all my health, food and exercise books and “studied” them to learn more about:

  • Long-Distance Running/building endurance
  • HIIT workouts for fast burning fat (for my weight loss, shape)
  • Nutrition, am I eating enough “fat”
  • Personal Stats.

So much so that I’m going to write a blog about each topic this week so that I have a summary of my own findings to work from and also because I think many others may find this information useful!

Keto Urine Strips

I’ve just purchased (arriving tomorrow) some strips to tell me if I am actually in “Ketosis” the more my body adapts to this way of life the weaker the results will be, but in these early days, a large number of reviews and blogs I’ve read suggest these can help you understand what’s going on and if what you are doing is working for your body or not!

Carb Manager App

I saw others mention this app (turns out there are quite a few Keto related apps available) where I can actually monitor and calculate what I’m eating as well. I am not a number cruncher. I plan to only use this for a couple of weeks, whilst I check in on myself to again see if what I am doing is right/wrong or misguided as it’s all still very new to me!

Tuesday 18th June: Urine Strips

The Keto Urine Strips Arrived!

Starting tomorrow morning, when I first wake up and then last thing before I go to bed, I’m going to test myself for Ketosis.

This is a bit overkill and not something I will do (unless I’ve a specific reason too) in the future, but I am really curious to see what the strips tell me, as I‘m still trying to learn and understand the what’s, why’s and how’s of Ketosis and the Keto Lifestyle Diet.

I’ve read in a number of different places, that as your body becomes more accustom to Ketosis, the results returned will be less and less poignant, but for these early weeks I think they will help advise me a lot.

Here are the strips I bought using Amazon:

Dr Tim Noakes & Ohio University Lecture on YouTube

So a few days ago now, due to the aches and dead leg feelings I have been experiencing my Keto PT and advisor suggested I watch this to learn more about how Ketosis became “a thing!” What is interesting… is that they only started running tests once test subjects had had at least 4 weeks on a strict Keto diet. Which means I should chill out about my leg ache it will all improve. I am just being impatient!

Wednesday 19th June: Ketosis?

Am I in Ketosis?

Well, this was the question I woke up to this morning on my mind. Keen to try my new Ketone Test Strips I headed to the bathroom to quickly discover, nothing whatsoever registered on the strip! This would suggest I’m not! – right?

Well so I thought, and so as much on some of my personal social media profiles, which suddenly opened a “debate” between my contacts from all walks of life.

The end result… most were of the opinion that these test strips are not actually very reliable. So I’m going to continue to “monitor” myself with an open mind to the result for the next few weeks as planned. In the mean time next time I catch up with my PT Keto Trainer, he’s going to run the blood Keto test on me, as our blood is a far safer and trust-worthy source by which to learn by.

Watch this space!

Disappearing Spots!

For the past 4 years or so, I have had this very fine almost like a rash, but not, area of skin above my chest and below my collarbone that has been dotted with tiny spots. So small that the majority you cannot see unless you look closely, but when you run your fingers across my skin, you’d feel them.

I have tried many different ointments to rid myself of them, but nothing worked. When I asked the doctor, he said they are nothing serious, just life.

19 days into this Keto lifestyle and they are gone. 100%.

Now I do have my own theory, In the time I’ve had them, I’ve been drinking lots of coffee. I’ve never tried to prove it, but my hunch is that the two were linked.

Since going Keto (or attempting my very best to do so), my diet has changed, it’s cleared up my skin no end. So whether it’s Keto, low carbs, lack of starch and sugars, or indeed that I’ve gone from 10+ coffees a day to just one black when I first get to work and none on weekends. Or a combination of all… it’s solved this irritation of mine so that’s good!

Thursday 20th June: Fasting

24 Hour (Unintentional) Fast!

So today I got in from work at just after 1 pm, all mentally geared up ready to go for my run, when I realised, I was hungry. So I thought I’d skip run and eat instead. Then it occurred to me. I actually hadn’t had anything to eat at the same time the day before. I’d not been hungry, tempted, or even have thought about food pop into my head at all in the last 24 hours to even realise I’d gone 24 hours without eating!

Ironically, I’d already taken my frozen meatballs out of the freezer before work so they were ready to be heated up in the microwave. My Cauliflower Rice was already portioned up in the freezer which you can cook from frozen, so I quickly whipped up some Zucchini noodles and it was job done.

All in less then 5 minutes.

The most amazing thing though is the fact that I had not had even the slightest temptation to eat in 24 hours! I still can’t get my head around it!

Friday 21st June: Cauliflower Mash!

My Girls Sleepover Playdate

So both my girls wanted a playdate sleepover with a friend each, so I had to cook for 4 little ladies and myself.

Food of any kind has always been a war zone in my house. My eldest is incredibly fussy. She refuses to try the food and always judges but it looks. Just getting a decent sized meal in her is the first battle, what she is eating always comes second. I don’t like it whatsoever, but with 2 other girls in my house, today I went for a “meal”.

A favourite is my homemade Shepard’s Pie.

I always make a huge batch as I dish it up and freeze it in family meal-sized portions.

The meat part I know was Keto friendly.

But it suddenly dawned on me, what do I have for the potato top?

I know!!! Cauliflower Mash. I basically boiled the Cauliflower and mashed it adding a dash of double cream and butter. It didn’t mash as well as I hoped, but I think that is because I normally like my Cauliflower with a little al dente firmness to it, so next attempt I’m going to boil it before it starts to go to mush and then try!

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