Week #4 – Becoming My Normal

Keto is Becoming My Normal in Week 4

Saturday 22nd June:

Home Made Beef Stroganoff

I had one of those “I’ve no food in the house” moments.

When I realised, I had more or less the ingredients for Beef Stroganoff, so I kind of whipped up my own! I looked at a few recipes online and thought I’d give it ago.

I put too much water in but it tasted really nice! So still enjoying the experimentation with food.

Keto Urine Strips

I’ve given up with these. I just don’t think they work!! I know I’ve been in Ketosis as the unwanted pounds of fat are fulling off me. But they continue to register that I am just borderline Ketosis.

Plus, everything I read keeps saying the more familiar with the Ketosis status my body lives in, the more regulated my hormones become and so I will urinate fewer Ketones making the strips unreliable anyhow.

As I am now entering week 4, perhaps this is what is already occurring for me?

Facebook Groups – Be Careful!

Ok, so one of the first things I did, when I decided to “Go Keto” was to join lots of Facebook Groups.

There’s little old me thinking these would be a great place to find support, ask questions, seek advice, learn by other people’s life experiences etc.

Well, if I am fair, that has partially been the case.

But then there is the side I have been totally ignorant and naive about.

And that is our cultures obsession with the scales and weight loss.

After three weeks of seeing posts saying “I’ve done X, Y, Z and only lost/or not lost A, B, C” I thought I’d broker the topic that, perhaps Keto should be looked at from the perspective of a lifestyle choice for improved general health reasons that a quick fix diet fad!

OMG! The abusive messages I got.

Yes, there were some really nice comments through in among them, but when the admin of the group decided to turn off commenting, I messaged them.

And this is what really amazes me.

They, themselves totally endorsed my point of view, told me I was banging my head against the wall trying to change or suggest a different perspective and that I should check out her own Keto website/blog.

Which I did, and which was full of really amazing articles and content, but yet she helped run an environment that was all about how quick can I lose X weight so I can return back to my old ways!

Unbelievable! I just can’t get my head around it all.

So, I’m now on the fence?

Should I launch my own Facebook Group, where I can cultivate and nurture an environment all about Keto is a lifestyle choice?

But still, for me this was a lifestyle choice I took a long time to choose to do, and the benefit of shifting some unwanted pounds was a bonus to a better way of living!

Sunday 23rd June:

I was naughty!

Here in Milton Keynes there is an Annual Dragon Boat race festival for charity. If you’ve not seen it, its an event where lots of teams of around 20 people sit in a boat (often in fancy dress) and race/row across a lake.

As with such events, there were hot dog stands, sweet stands and a freshly made doughnut stand!

The smell was enticing so I caved and bought some.

I’m still firmly set on a new Keto Lifestyle, but I also believe now and again, the odd endeavour into the world of carbs, is good for my soul.

I say that in a way that means my north and south food poles have reversed. Having the odd sweet treat used to be the thing that we all do, that we know we shouldn’t.

But for me, now it’s carbs (and in the case of the Doughnut, yes it was coated in sugar).

Monday 24th June:

That Sugar Film

I stumbled across another very insightful documentary about the effects sugar have on us humans.

It’s unbelievable! Our governments should be treating it like a Class A drug, but they do not.

Tuesday 25th June:

Running – dodgy toenail!

So, at the weekend my girls had a sleep over.

I had to move the sofas about to make space for them all to set up camp in the living room.

On Saturday morning, as I moved the sofa back, I run it over my right foot big toe, caught my toenail and half ripped it off.

I had kids in the house that were not mine, how I did not swear blue murder I have no idea, but needless to say, my toe has been extremely tender ever since, shoes are a nightmare.

So I have not been running since last Wednesday or so. A week off, it will be this weekend before I attempt to do so.


So in addition to the toenail prob above, my eldest daughter woke up Monday morning covered head-to-tow in Chicken Pox!

So, the two of us have been housebound as well this week, which for my toe has meant hardly shoe wearing has been necessary, but I’ve had a very calm and sedentary week.

Wednesday 26th June:

Angie Style-y Keto Fatbombs

So, in the past few day’s I spotted a Facebook post on how to make Fat Bombs. The picture looked amazing. So today, I played!

1 x Dr Oetker’s 75% dark chocolate
2 x tablespoons of coconut oil
5 x teaspoons of sweetener (add one at a time, as different sweeteners have different sweetness densities)
1 x dash of coconut milk

Put nixed chopped nuts in 9 x silicone cupcake cases, cover the base. Pour in one heaped desert spoon of the chocolate mix. Set in freezer for 10 minutes.

Angie Style-y Keto Fatbombs V2

So I made these again later in the week and whipped up some double cream. This made them much lighter and less dark chocolatey bitter so no sweetener was used.

I also had found the 85% dark chocolate I was told about at Aldi!!

Thursday 27th June: Are My Kids Going Keto?

Would I put my Kid’s on a Keto Diet?

So today, someone at work asked me if it was just me following this lifestyle, or is my family doing it also? They then asked specifically…. are my kids Keto?

So for me this is a double edges sword of a problem and also answer!

Since my eldest was born, I have struggled to get her to eat anything other than chicken and potatoes.

At the time of writing this, she is now 9 years old and I have conquered broccoli, some carrots, parsnips and that is about it. She won’t even try the food. She judges it on sight and that’s it.

Once her mind is made up that she “don’t like it” there is no persuading her to even try it.

My youngest, often copies the lead given to her by her older sister, but when her mindset is right, she is game to try most food’s.

She also eats a full meal/plate, whereby my eldest grazes, and gets bored and so complains she’s full when she’s literally only had a few mouthfalls.

So, in honest answer to this question. If I had my way, it would be an instant yes. Without a doubt, I’d get my kids on a Keto way of life.

But… the reality, given the struggles I have even when I offer them a regular pizza or fish fingers, or god forbid a Jacket Potato. The answer is no.

But that don’t mean I’m not trying.

I’m being sly about it.

For example. Instead of making a bolognaise sauce the way I always have done, I’ve switched out this “safe” food (as in they both eat it without too much complaint) for my own version, which is Keto.

Meaning I am only cooking one style of dinner. In bulk, freezing it in adult portion sizes and then defrosting two portions between the 3 of us.

I am still serving it with pasta for the moment. But in due course I will attempt to first get them trying Cauliflower Rice or perhaps my own homemade keto pasta and gradually move them over without them explicitly knowing.

As they are getting older, they are both starting to understand that nutrition is a thing that can make us healthy or if we eat the wrong type of foods it can makes us unhealthy. One of the reasons behind my going keto is due to a personal health scare 6 months ago, whereby my girls came to see me in hospital for 4 nights, so they know, I need to eat well for my own health.

So the understanding there, it’s currently a game of adapting their will for the moment.

Finally, there is one other reason, I don’t want them to be seen as “difficult” for other parents on playdates to feed.

(Not anymore then the fussy little buggers are currently). I don’t want them to be left feeling they want to say yes to something but thinking “mummy says no”.

I want them to enjoy their childhood and sweets and treats are a part of that. IMO. So, I will sway them as much as possible to eating Keto.

Which for them will result in no processed foods, and eating the same way I do.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this will be a gradual change and not an overnight t-total approach.

Friday 28th June: End of week 4!!!

More weight lost!!

So… whilst I’m trying hard to “regain” my post kid weight that I had maintained throughout my adult life until I became a mum. I am pleased to say another few pounds of “fat” have gone from my body.

I am a strong believer that the scales are not the defining tool by which to monitor one’s progress. So in due course, I will be investing in some that advise you of your body fat percentage.

But for now, I can safely report. I’m fitting back into my clothes comfortably without the need to squeeze or feel things are too tight, plus it’s at least 4 pounds more gone from when I weighted myself 2 weeks ago.

Part of me is really peeved that I never weight myself, to begin with as in those first two weeks the fat I had lost seemed far more traumatic.

My personal estimate is that it’s close to a stone I’ve now lost in total.

Happy days!!

All without feeling hungry, whilst experimenting with new foods and regaining my love for cooking!!

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