Weel #5: Mindset

Adopting a Keto Mindset

Saturday: 29 June

Day out to the beach!

So today we left home at 7:30am to head to Old Hunstanton Beach for the day, on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year!

So I packed the usual grapes, biscuits, cake, sandwiches, cheese strings etc for our family picnic the night before. Put my freezer blocks in to freeze and then doubled my picnic boxes up, so that they were sure to remain cold in the tent/mid-day sun!

What to pack for a Keto picnic?

But, it was the first time I needed to pack Keto-style for myself.

I ended up with lots of fruit, cheese, bag ful of mixed nuts and wasn’t too fussed about the rest of the stuff I would have normally have had, and had packed for the girls.

I caved! Ice-Cream!

All was going well, until the tide came in and the mid-afternoon sun was at it’s hotest. My iphone reported 32 celsius, but at 4pm when we got in the car and drove home my dashboard said it was 34!!!

Notice how I am defending my actions by proving how hot it was! LOL

Anyway, when we’d de-sanded, and went for a stroll on the promenade, I could not resist buying an ice-cream for my girls and it was damn hot so I had a lemon sorbet ice-cream myself.

I’m still of a mind-set that being Keto 95% of the time is better then 100% not (as in life before Keto). So I was a little naughty but damn that sorbet tasted good in the hot weather!

However, i’m still unsure what I should/could have in times like this… so will post on a couple of community Keto related groups and see what the general consensus is for my future knowledge and empowered deceision making abilities!

Sunday: 30 June

Garden Manual Labour

I’ve not yet written the posts about my full-on garden renovation project which is now into its third year! I will get around to doing so at some point.

However, I spent 8 hours today, sieving at least a ton of earth, to remove the stones, reclaim the earth and then use on my garden lawn to help level it.

My back was killing by the time I was finished, so who knows just how much work, calories and energy I sued up.

The girls were out most the afternoon with their Dad, so it meant I didn’t have to cook for them. So I ended up picking, but I chose wisely as yesterdays Ice-cream was playing on my mind about getting back into Ketosis.

I didn’t eat a huge amount, as it was again very hot and I just didn’t feal like it.

Monday: 1st July

Cooking two lots of meals

One of the things I have always been adament I would not do, when I have kids, is cook two lots of different meals.

But with my girls (especially my eldest) having always been so difficult to feed, and having been on a limited food budget whilst they were younger, bad habits form, you snack on left overs, I got stuck in a grove of just a few select meals I would cook, simply as I knew it would be limited food waste and not a full on war with my girls. Sticking to safe foods (not always the healthiest of foods), simply as I know that they would eat, not be hungry and I wouldn’t be throwing half of it away.

Part of me is really frustrated that I am now having to cook two styles of meals from time-to-time. Today was one of those days.

The girls wanted pizza, I hadn’t yet stocked up on the foods needs to cook my own (due to being stuck home all alst week with my eldest having Chicken Pox.

So I made an omlette.

Now I have become a bit of a pro at Omlettes. Even if I do say so myself. So don’t get me wrong, I’m not moaning or complaining about the Omlette. Just the fact that I had to do twice as much effort in order to stay Keto.

In an indeal world (if you refer back to last weeks blog article about turning my girls Keto), I’d like them to adopt this lifestyle as well, but its a very slow journey for me. So this will be something I will have to get used to doing, plus find a way to conver the girls slowly at the same time!

Tuesday: 2nd July

9 x Single Portions of Cauliflower Rice for 21p each!

One of the best things I like about the Milton Keynes market, is that there is a fabulous fresh fruit and veg stall there. Their produce is amazing and a fraction of the cost to supermarkets. So I’ve made it my mission, each Tuesday (as annoyingly the market is closed on a Monday). To go buy my weeks Fruit & Veg in one hit, from this stand.

Today was the second time I had done so in years!

I bought a huge Cauliflower which I riced up in the food processor and then portioned up into 8 take away containers. Ready to freeze.

One portion I ate along with my defrosted Keto Bolognaise from last week that I bulk made.

This is the second time I have frozen, from fresh riced Cauliflower. The first time I did so (a couple of weeks back) I did so on the instructions someone was mentioning in a Keto Facebook Group. How she cooks from frozen, straight into the frying pan and its job done.

Which is my intention for the 8 portions I know have sitting in my freezer!

However, it’s been suggested to me, that if I put a nob of butter in the frying pan and part-cook it first, blanch it for about 10minutes. It will stop it going “mushy/soggy” when I then go to use it. Unfortunately, I learnt this after my Cauliflower was nicely freezing, so I will give it a go next time and see.

By portion I mean a single person serving. I am the only one currently eating this and I figured, it’s easier to freeze a single portion at a time, as if I need more I can just use two portions as apposed to freezing in greater amounts and wasting what I don’t want!

Wednesday: 3rd June

Floating on the edge of Ketosis for 6 out of 7 days!

So yesterday evening, I wrote a comment on a Facebook post I had read about someone completing week 1 and not having lost but instead gained body fat % and the like.

As I wrote my response. It dawned on me that I am not at all great or even inclined to count, monitor or calculate spot on what I eat.

I just can’t be doing with that type of flaff in my life. It’s part the reason I’ve avoided every dieting of any type before now. (As in dieting to loose unwanted fat, not controlling what I eat).

Anywy, my point is, that I am learning what foods are good on keto, what are borderline ok very now and again (eg sweetcorn) and what’s not.

That way I can make informed choices and know when I am being bad, who I can then go on to improve the next day.

From some of the posts and comments in various groups I have read, the fact that some foods (eg Sweetcorn) are a total no-no given the natural amount of carbs they carry, people will go up in arms about the fact that eating it will kick me out of Ketosis. And they are right. But now I am aware of it. Meaning that if I fancy Sweetcorn, I will eat sweetcorn, but my educated mind to this fact means I won’t eat it often, I will choose other foods over it when designing my main meals and that I can make educated choices.

As such I am also not against the concept of the odd treat. Eg I love Strawberry and Lime flavoured Pear Cider! I’ve not touched it since I turned Keto, but at some point this summer, one evening, I will want nothing more than to sit in the evening sun, drinking a nice cold ice alcoholic drink, which again will totally kick me out of ketosis.

But again it’s an informed decision so knowing this I will make sure that the other 6 days of the week I behave.

Yes, it will most likely take 48 hours to regain Ketosis, but I also think and strongly believe that to adapt to a new lifestyle choice in a t-total approach will create the forbidden fruit syndrome and the cravings to want what you can’t have, will end up breaking my will power etc.

So I’d rather be good for 6 days and “treat” myself of sorts on a 7th day.

Having said this, I’m now going to live Monday to Saturday as Keto and start thinking of myself as having a free or cheat day on Sundays either. As again that will mean I will be treating this as a fad diet, a mindset I do not want to get into. But instead, this is a lifestyle “choice” and choice here is being the keyword. Having the power to make informed choices, so that when we are bad we know how and why and it effects so that we can also right our intended wrongs! IMO!

1st Run in two weeks!

I went for a nice hours run today, I’m deliberately trying to push myself to go very slowly. I’d prefer to try and prevent walking and so trying a different appraoch, worked to a certain extent but it was so hot at lunchtime that I did walk mroethen I intended to.

Thursday: 4th June

Today was a quiet day in the world of Angela and my Ketosis journey.

Nothing much to report, I ate well, salmon and veg and I am feeling good.

Fitness Gym Mats Arrived

So I’ve always liked to train with free weights.

But since living in this house, I’ve put really nice carpets and underlay down (which makes it super cosy in the winter). But, I don’t want to wear out a bald patch in the middle of my living room. Yes I’ve tried yoga mats which for yoga is fine, but anything slightly more viguraous and they slide about.

So I searched andsearched online to find a large square gym mat and the options were slim. When I did find one the price was silly.

So then I had an idea! Why not try and get large foam jigsaw style gym mats.

So that is what I did earlier on in the week and they arrrived today!! Whoop!!

24 x 60cm thin foam mats

Perfect fit for my living rooms floor space!

Friday: 5th June Mindset

Running Mantra

Found myself talking about mindset today with the lady next to me at work.

One was about my mind set when running… I’ve tried all sorts of techniques to occupy my mind to take it off of my body and current activity. I am sure I read once that Puala Radcliffee counts to 100 x 10 times over, by which point another couple of miles have passed by (at her speed not mine) lol.

Instagram Inspiration

The other was enviroment mind set.

I’ve recently started followig lots of body scuplting and body building hashtags on instagram so my news feed is always full of things I find inspirational. As well as following the likes of Chris Hemsworth and The Rock and their workout routines, cos a little eye candy inspiration is also a good thing!! LOL

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