Week #6: Food & Exercising

Keto Food and Exercise

Saturday 6th July: Bike Ride!

MK Millenium Circular Route

I’ve posted a full article about my long overdue bike ride but I’m mentioning it here as part of my healthy lifstyle.

I opted out of running today in favour for a two hour bike ride (would have been less but I got lost a couple of times).

Sunday 7th July: Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt… Is it really worth the hype?

Before I started on this Keto way of life, I had never heard of Pink Himalayan Salt, then suddenly it was being mentioned everywhere. I looked at local supermarkets and its was quite expensive for a small bottle, that is until I found a bargin yesterday evening. I posted about it, and other none keto-er types (nutritionist and chef) were quick to point out that it had very little difference to regular salt. To benefit from the slightly different minerals I’d have to eat a serious amount.

So is it worth the hype??

Well I then googled it… most reports I found confirmed what my nutritionist and chef friends were telling me.

However this was the video I first watched earlier on at the start of my Keto journey.

So now… I’m taking it all with a pinch of salt! LOL

Pink Himalayan Salt – Explained!

Monday 8th July: Keto Pizza!

Keto Pizza – Cauliflower BAse!!

Ok, it had been a good few day’s since I have had a cooking experiment, so today was the day I conquered the infamous cauliflower pizza base.

I had read lots that it helps to squeeze the water out once you’d blanched it, which I did, but as I was eager to eat, I did this whilst it was fresh off the hob so was hot to touch/do so.

I also forget my baking paper, so greeced a backing tray, it still slightly stuck.

Finally I read afterwards it helps to allow it to completely cool down so it can harden. I was a bit keen to get on and eat it, so the base was a tad crumberly.

But the taste verdict!!! Out of this world. loved it. I also made a keto friendly sause, with two tubs in the freezer for next time!

I am so doing this again, but next time, I will cook the base the day before, let it cool/harden properly (as well as use the Greee Proof Paper).

Tuesday 9th July: Chiropractoric Treatment

Fartlek Training

So today I trained with Mark again, this time, we did a 60 second run, 30 second fast walk, it meant that my average pace time per mile was about 10 and half minutes. But 30 minutes in it started to take it’s toll, so we changed it to a 45 second run, and a 45 second fast walk.

The result, even with the planned walking, as I was able to receover my breath, I knocked 1:30 approximately off of my per minute mile.

Did 5 miles in just over 50 minutes.

My legs never had that achey feeling at all. So that makes me think it’s due to CO2 conversion.

Well happy. Plus I run was still fasting from yesterday’s pizza (left over of which are this evenings dinner).

Very very happy indeed. But still a long way to go!


Years ago, I suffered a back injury in a small car accident and althought I got NHS treatment at the time, because I was fit ans strong the underlaying issues of my bones structure went un-challenged. 6 months later I was a mess, couldn’t look over my shoulder to reverse. I was about 20 years old.

I continued in this pain and discomfort for a few years when eventually someone said I needed to visit a Chiropractor.

I went to a few different people to begine with.

Then I found a fab guy down in Portsmouth, who put me straight for the next few years.

Then I started travelling and didn’t see one for a longtime and troubles resurficed.

Since living in Milton Keynes I’ve used a number of different chiropractors, but the best one is located in Bedford and a chap I’ve now been seeing off and on for past 8 years. In fact, he had sorted me out so much that it’s been nearly 18 months since I visited a chiropractor.

But my bike ride on Saturday ment I used muscles I am not used to and my neck stiffened lots during Sunday afternoon and I had a full on trapped nerve by Monday morning.

Quick visit and all felt much better. Im going to have a few more treatments in next couple of weeks, then build in a “mot” every couple of months, Im better off preventing then curing.

Wednesday 10th July: Rest

Epsom Bath Salts

I recently purchased these to aid my muscle recovery as your body absorbs the Magnesium Sulphaste via your skin.

When I researched online, most articles reported that no defining scientific evidence exists to prove it is benefitical, however the two times I have used it, I’ve not had that post muscle ache the day after.

I found this article online that is not-biased from what I can see.

48 Hour Fast!

Not done one this long before. Going to experiment.

After dinner today, Im going until dinner time on Friday without any food. To see how I get on. WIll break this if I need to.

Weighing Day

So my results so far is that I am averaging around 2lb of fat loss each week.

I still live by the concept that the scales are not the best wy to monitor health. But I still want to reduce my size (I’ve a jean skirt that was given to me when I was back-packing in New Zealand (aged 30) that I still can not do the buttons up on! So for now I am still monitoring my progress this way.

Come payday, I will be buying some very expensive scales that will measure my body fat % and then start tracking my progress by body fat and cloeth size, not just weight.

Thursday 11th July Gymboss!


I’ve own a gymboss for years. At least a decade. The same one! Its battered and bruises but still it works! I found that running with this set to a 1 minute time and 30 seconds reset, allowed me to run for an hour more comfortably and that despite having a planned walk, I run on average faster per mile!

Energy Levels

Not sure what quite has happened this week, but I’ve literally been bouncing off the walls. Can’t sit still just full of energy. Its an amazing feeling.

Friday 12th July: Chill Out

Kids Sports Day!

Yes, the obligatory parent race was had, for the first time… wasn’t embaressed to take part!

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